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Have you ordered your GLIBA Holiday Catalogs yet?

"We get more responses from this form of advertising than from anything else we have tried." 

"Catalog encouraged me to order books I might not have otherwise, and I sold books that surprised me."

"The catalogs started working their magic as soon as they were on the counter.  After they were inserted in the local paper, people started coming in with them. having marked the titles they wanted."

"The catalog is marvelous advertising for us, and brings in new customers every year!"

"The catalog is THE most valuable marketing tool we have for the Christmas season."

All these quotes are from our catalog users. Current GLIBA members  are entitled to up to 12,500 free catalogs, and for a small charge you can have your store information imprinted.

You can mail them to your best customers, you can insert them into your local or regional newspaper, or you can just put them in your customers bags. If you chose to insert in a newspaper, GLIBA will reimburse you for a portion of those costs. You can customize your catalogs with your store information, or print a coupon to drive customers into your store for a low fee.  We will also provide you with an online catalog that you can add to your website.  People can shop in their pajamas!

There are  hundreds of great titles represented in the catalog,both for national books and regional titles. You do not have to order them all. I would encourage you to be a little bit adventurous, though. Every year people comment that they took a chance on a few titles, and were surprised at the sales!

Don't miss out on this tremendous marketing tool to drive customers into your stores!  And did I mention that they are free?
The catalog is the biggest revenue generator that we have.  Your support helps us support you.

It is easy to order.  Just fill out this form and send it back to the good folks at BookPage who produce out catalog for us.  The image above is last years catalog.) The 2015 cover will be posted as soon as it is available. 

Don't wait too long!  Deadline for orders is August 3, 2015. 

Publishers! We are still accepting titles for the 2015 catalog.

Just fill out this form and send it in.  Your title will be seen by millions of customers in our region!

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