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What makes this The Third Coast is not just the waves of water on our Great Lakes or the waves of grain in our fields, but the excellent booksellers and the concentration of strong markets that are found in the region. Of the top 100 population centers in the US, the GLBA contains eleven, including Chicago (#3), Indianapolis (#12), Columbus (#15), Detroit (#18),Louisville 28),Cleveland (#48), Cincinnati (#65).  Association membership numbers declined in the mid-90s, as elsewhere in the country, but the booksellers who remain are a savvier group, committed to making their way in this business they love. For example, GLBA members are participating in both BookSense marketing and at a higher rate than our proportional share of ABA memberships.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau in July 2013, over half the country’s population, 54 percent to be exact, is concentrated in nine states. Of these nine, three of them lie in the Midwest: Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. Together, with Indiana, these four states hold approximately 13% of the U.S. population. Economically speaking, these four states represented also approximately 12% of the U.S. Gross State Product. To us, these numbers speak volumes about the impact and importance the Great Lakes region has on the course of our country’s future, and only strengthens the idea of the Third Coast.

The Statistics

July 1, 2013 Population Estimates
US: 316,128,839
IL: 12,882,135 (5)
OH: 11,570,808 (7)
MI: 9,895,662 (9)
IN: 6,570,902 (16)

*According to The U.S. Census Bureau

Region contains  13% of U.S. population

2013 Gross State Product (millions of current dollars)

United States Total Gross State Product: 16,701,415
Illinois: 720,962

Indiana: 317,102

Michigan: 432,573

Ohio: 565,272

*According to The United States Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis (June 2013)
Region contains  of the Gross National ProductRegion contains  12 %of the Gross National Product

ABA Independent Bookstores
United States:2120
Michigan: 75
Illinois: 86
Ohio: 63
Indiana: 33

*According to The American Booksellers Association
Region contains 12% of ABA Independent Bookstores in the U.S

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