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This new program begun by Eileen Dengler at the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association gives booksellers who don't see reps or speak with telephone reps access to marked up Edelweiss catalogs.  This gives these stores access to the sale's reps knowledge of the titles on the list, a great benefit for smaller stores.  A marked up catalog just means that the rep has added notes, comparable titles, priority, or a suggested order. This varies from rep to rep, and each catalog may contain all or none of these elements.

Here are the catalogs that we will have access to:

Hachette (all lines)
HarperCollins (all lines)
Macmillan (all lines) 
Random House Kids
Random House adult

Since this is all a work in progress, we will be adding more catalogs as responses come in.

If there are catalogs not on the list that you would like to receive, let me know, and I'll be happy to contact the publisher on your behalf.

Here is how to participate:
  • Create an Edelweiss account if you don't have one (Instructions below.) This is free.
  • Email to let Deb know which catalogs you would like to receive.
  • Sit back and wait for them to arrive in your email.
  • Review the marked-up catalogs when they arrive, and make buying decisions based on the experience and knowledge provided by the sales reps.
  • Place your order through your normal channels, whether direct or through a wholesaler.

  • Only sign up for marked-up catalogs that you don't receive from a house rep or telephone sales rep.
  • Orders must be placed through your normal channel.  The reps providing the marked-up catalogs will not be placing the order. (So do NOT hit the "Order now" button in the marked up catalog.)

Edelweiss Instructions and Links
To open an Edelweiss account and gain access to all publisher's catalogs,  go here:

Once you have registered, you will be able to log in, at which point you'll have access to all the features in Edelweiss, including creating orders, requesting digital galleys, writing reviews, creating your own custom catalogs, creating lists of titles using tags, and importing your orders to your POS system, or sending your orders to an Excel document if you do not have a POS system with these capabilities.  
You can find documents that explain all these features by clicking on this link:

On the left side of the Edelweiss homepage is a list of publishers that post catalogs to edelweiss.  When a rep marks up a catalog with their notes and shares it with you, you will receive an email, but you will also see that publisher listed in bold with a little red flag to let you know that a markup is available.
When you click through to that publisher, you will see a box on the lower right corner of the screen which will tell you which reps have markups for you.  Clicking the + sign next to their name will show you which catalogs they have marked up for you. 

If you want to create a publisher order, click here to view a short video presentation:  

If you Want to create a wholesale order to which you can add titles fro any publisher, you want to make sure you do NOT bind an order to any publisher or catalog. This will make more sense once you watch the presentation. 

Once you finish creating your order you can:

export it to your POS system and send it using your usual means
Send that order to an excel document so that you can email or fax it in, or however you send your order
you can simple write down the titles you want on a piece of paper, and do with it what you will.

Edelweiss has excellent user support, so don't hesitate to contact them at or 734 996 2730

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