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                      GLIBA Circle of Sites Program

GLIBA is very excited to announce CIRCLE OF SITES, a new regional advertising program for
publishers, based on a similar, very successful program that our southern bookseller friends in SIBA started a couple of years ago. We are looking for member bookstores to join us - in a very simple and easy way.


Each participating bookstore will give over a small part of their store's home page for the Circle of Sites banner ad. (We'll provide you with a simple piece of HTML code to embed on your web site. That's all you'll have to do; we'll do the rest. The new banner ads will automatically show up in the designated space on your store's home page, week after week.) GLIBA will sell this ad space on the network of participating GLIBA bookstore web sites to publishers.



The money paid by publishers to place these ads will help to keep GLIBA a thriving trade association, giving us a more secure future, and enabling us to keep providing the programming, advocacy, and education you want.



Every participating bookstore will get a free year of GLIBA dues for every year you participate. And the ads will always be coded to click-through to YOUR store's page for that book (or your main store page), helping to drive sales right to you.


* CIRCLE OF SITES benefits our partner publishers

It will give them a new way to talk to the bookstore customers who are actively visiting bookstore web sites - exactly the sort of readers they want to reach. They'll be able to talk about their new books to interested bookstore customers across the Great Lakes region.


Our plan is to launch GLIBA CIRCLE OF SITES in February 2014, and we want to have as many member bookstores as possible on board for the launch to make a strong first impression.


More details:

1. You can determine where you want the ad to fall on

your home page. It can be a "skyscraper" ad on either side of your main content, or it can be positioned as a "billboard" at the top of your home page, or even in the middle of the page.


2. We will be selling this ad space to publishers on a weekly basis - there will be no more than one ad per week. Some publishers may purchase more than one week of exposure.


3. GLIBA staff and directors will be curating the participating publishers and the books they want to advertise. You won't have to worry about awkward or offensive books showing up on your home page.


4. GLIBA will provide you with a list of upcoming titles that will be featured, so you can make sure you have the book available.


5. We are basing this on a program that SIBA initiated - over 85 of their stores are participating. It's been a terrific success for them.


If you are interested in joining GLIBA CIRCLE OF SITES, or if you have questions, please email GLIBA's Deb Leonard at or call 734-340-6397.


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